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Creating art that ignites adventure and love for the outdoors

Welcome to Watercolor Wednesday, where I create art and gifts with love in my cozy home studio in Bend, Oregon. Each piece reflects my profound love for the outdoors and my mission to inspire others to explore the wonders of nature. Through vibrant colors and delightful designs, I aim to nurture the surroundings of each piece, infusing spaces with warmth, joy, and a touch of the outdoors.

Thanks for joining me,

Kirsten McLean, Artist


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    This is a stunning print! My daughter loves it. She has attended canoe camp for years and this was the perfect gift for her! The painting's details are truly something!


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    Quality is unmatched! This card's material was beautiful, and the design was precisely what I was searching for. Arrived quickly, and the seller is a super sweet fabulous artist. Thank you!


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    Beautiful prints on nice, quality paper. Very pleased with the purchase and with the seller's communication! Would definitely shop here again!


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